Supervision and processing of personal data

When handling quotes and information requests, Power House processes personal information in accordance with the regulations about the Personal Data-, public-, business- and Accident Act, as well as industry specific recommendations.


The Marin Pro webtool is managed and powered by the company Power House AB, 502049-4224 which is a part of the Group Power House Holding AB, Corporate Identity: 556751-7742, and operates globally but with the company's headquarters based in Sweden. The tool is used by Power House ourselves, but is also subletted to independent companies as a tool for their customer support and sales. Also in this respect, Power House AB governs and takes responsibility for the supervision and processing of personal data according to below.

Processing of personal data

When handling quotes and information requests, Power House  processes personal data in accordance with the provisions of the Personal Data Act and industry specific recommendations.

The personal data is obtained from the customer himself and the parties authorized by the customer and from public records provided by the authorities. Personal data from other sources are only collected by law.

We do not disclose confidential personal data to unauthorized persons unless the registrant has given permission to do so or the disclosure is based on law. We reserve the right to forward data to other companies within the Group and to other companies we cooperate with in customer care and marketing purposes.

Direct marketing

If you do not want your information to be used for direct marketing or market research, please let us know.

Obstacle of unauthorized access

We prevent unauthorized access to customer information through, among other things, authentication and authentication for computer systems, firewalls, and network security, as well as physical access through locked and fire protected archives. Unnecessary documents are destroyed continuously by destruction.

Description of our registers

Terms of use of the website

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Scope and right to change

Power House's web pages are used to familiarize with our company, our products and services. Power House has the right to change these terms, web pages appearances, services and theirs access at any time without notice. We strive to keep the information up to date and accurate.

The information on these websites is, unless otherwise expressly stated, general by nature and is not as such applicable in individual cases.

The intellectual property rights of the web pages belong to Power House AB.

Power House's limitations on liability

The promotion of Power House's products contained on the Internet pages shall not be considered as a tender, quotation or acceptance unless expressly stated otherwise. Some of the products are only available in Sweden. Questions of any kind are answered by Power House by telephone, email or at any of our offices.

Power House is not responsible for technical errors on the web pages or for indirect or direct damage caused using these.

User responsibility

The user is responsible for the accuracy of the information and the information they provide. The user may use the information on the web pages for personal use, any other use is in violation of law unless Power House has given a written permission. When quoting the web pages, the source must be stated.

Services provided by third parties

Power House is not responsible for the content of such Internet sites maintained by anyone other than Power House, but may be accessed through links from Power House's Internet Sites.

Applicable law

Swedish law applies to the contents of these pages unless otherwise stated.



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